The Cure for Writer’s Block

PhD. Comic strip about to-do lists and how we never finish them.

I’ve discovered a cure for writer’s block!

All the other things I have to do.

Oh how prolific I seem to become when grading a paper or two

Or cooking the family stew

Or cleaning up pots from my roux

Or trying to write my class syllabi two days past the date they were due

(Not just for one class but two)

The doggerel I make up in lieu of my work should be up for judicial review

While I just sit here and stew

work’s abducted my brain like a coup

Then poetry told me to stop washing dishes and whip out a quick one for you.

& I wrote this even though I knew

It would be wasted time I would rue

While my poetic muse for today was the dishes

my thesis still seems to be due . . .

Why does this seem like Déjà vu?

Teacher, reader, writer, eater.